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Craft at Home

Crafts with nature

Jam Jar Lanterns We always make these in the nursery to celebrate Martinmas with a lantern walk. The leaves this year were spectacular, offering an array of colour. We collected many leaves. Pressing them between sheets of newspaper helps to keep the colour for later crafts. You can also use coloured tissue paper and lots of glue to create a stained glass effect. We attached wire and a garden cane to enable a child to carry the lantern safely.

Leaf Sap Collages Collect different coloured fresh leaves or flowers, lavender works well. Our children thoroughly enjoyed making these as it involves using a hammer. This proved popular with the boys! Place the leaves between the layers of calico and gently tap to release the sap. You could use fern to make Christmas cards. We made our prints into Natural bunting.

Plaster of Paris Plaques Whilst out at Forest School we collect items throughout autumn to make our plaques. Treasures such as fir cones, conkers and seeds work well. Mix the plaster of Paris to a double cream consistency and pour into a mould. Foiled containers are ideal. Press the items into the plaster. Once dry it can easily be removed from the container. You could also use sea treasures such as shells, seaweed and small pebbles.

Decorated Matchbox A dear Woodentots family used to make these as presents for the teachers, we all loved them and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me sharing this. You will need: • Large match box with matches inside as the point being it’s a usable gift. • Plaster of Paris. • Sea treasures. Mix the plaster as above and pour onto the box, your child can then place the treasures on. Once dry you will need to glue the hardened plaster to the matchbox as it will come away. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive one of these!


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