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Sessional Outdoor Nursery for Ages 2- 5 years

Forest School

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Mortimer Terrace Nature Reserve

Wesleyan Place




Woodentots Forest School has its own website containing much more information,

including about available sessions.

Please come and visit us at!

Our Forest School offers a magical childhood experience like no other in North London.

Unique to London, tucked away off Highgate Road, is our private nature reserve in a hidden woodland. With no public access, it provides a completely safe environment for your children to engage in the
joy of nature.

Following the Woodentots seasonal rhythms, our Forest School believes that childhood is not a race. Children should be given freedom, space and natural resources to foster their love of nature towards a sustainable future.

A whole-child approach gives children the foundation they need to
become well-rounded, healthy individuals, equipped with life skills to reach their full potential. Forest school children become confident, resilient and independent risk takers. This is what school readiness looks like!

Our nurturing teachers use responsive language supporting children to express emotion and empathy; always respectful and positive with their words.

Child-led play gives freedom to explore the world using their senses with our mud kitchen, agility climbing ropes, hammocks and tyre swings. The wildlife pond and bug hotel offer children the opportunity to really connect with nature. Loose part play such as crates, logs and planks to bring imagination alive. As well as spaces to just be, rock in a hammock, look at a book and sit around the camp fire.

Led by Montessori and Forest School Leaders our Forest School follows Montessori principles and nature led materials.


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What Parents Think

My child and I go to Woodentots Parent and Child Forest School session on a Friday morning. It’s in a nature reserve with no access from the public , I particularly like this as it feels secure , each week there is a new theme , we went for the Mothering Sunday session and came away with a lovely lantern . They serve soup and bread toasted on the fire - a truly magical experience.


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